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Astrobelt Fighter was originally intended to be a weird mix of pong and asteroids where you could win either by scoring enough asteroids on the oponent's side or by making those asteroids destroy the other player, this ended up as the "Astrennis" mode, inside an Asteroids remake with solo, coop, and a pvp variation.

This project was intended as something quick to do as a break from my main project,  there are no known bugs.

On the pvp mode bullet deviation was added when shooting too often and a slight delay of 0.1 secs between shots as a balance method, to avoid spawnkilling.

P.S. Altought the ship's thruster was first designed as a visual effect, it has some functionality added just for fun as it can be used deflect asteroids if you get close enough to them.


  • Global controls (When playing solo):
    • Menu:
      • Navigate = Up,Down / W,S
      • Select = Space / Enter

    • Movement:
      • Up = Up arrow key or W
      • Left = Left arrow key or A
      • Right = Right arrow key or D

    • Shooting:
      • Space, L Shift, R Shift, L Ctrl, R Ctrl, Numpad 0

  • 2 Player controls
    • Player 1:
      • Movement = W, A, D
      • Shooting = Space, L Shift, L Ctrl
    • Player 2:
      • Movement = Up, Left, Right
      • Shooting = R Ctrl, R Shift, Numpad 0


Astrobelt Fighter Portable.exe 2 MB
Astrobelt Fighter.exe 3 MB

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